Virtual Summit: “Middle East changing economic landscape – Promoting Gender Equality in the Middle East tourism industry”

Netourwork provided high quality services and technical support for the “Middle East Tourism Investment Summit”, organized by ITIC (International Tourism & Investment Conference) and held on May 27 2021. On this Summit participants saw an overview of the Middle East changing economic landscape. They had the opportunity to attend One-to-one Interviews, panel discussions about the future of hotels and what is the New ‘Normal’
At the end, they had the chance to know more about the secrets of Capital Raising for Start-ups.

SPEAKES: Rajan Datar, Dr. Taleb Rifai, Danielle Curtis, Ibrahim Ayoub, Nicolas Mayer,
Mark Beer, Doris Greif, Dinky Puri, Prof. Dimitrios Buhalis, Benjamin Clifford and others.

You can view the online Conference video here: https://itic.digitalevent.gr/