Join Tourism Professionals

Innovating Travel Trainings, Webinars, Digi Expos, B2B, Online Contests!

Join Tourism Professionals

Innovating Travel Trainings, Webinars, Digi Expos, B2B, Online Contests!

At NeTourWork we connect, show and promote our partners’ tourist organizations, specialized tourist products / services, and tourist attractions to selected professionals worldwide.

At NeTourWork, we are breaking new ground in tourism. Our exciting new tool exploits modern technologies such as virtual and augmented reality to enable presentations to be made in a VR environment during a seminar or specialist training program. It can also be used to immerse guests in an interactive experience.

(VR) Webinars

NeTourWork breaks new ground by introducing two different tools for digital and virtual applications that allow information to be created and presented through seminars with advanced visualizations for the user. The tools allow our partners to present their work in a smart, affordable, versatile way to more than 70,000 professionals working in tourism around the world (tour operators, travel agents, OTAs, airlines, reporters, destination and tourism specialists).

(VR) Specialist
Training Programs

Our company connects business and educational programs for specialists with the future by introducing a specialist training program that uses virtual reality to the global market. We use complex, cutting edge simulation and 3D representation technologies to create an interactive educational experience in which the user has the opportunity to connect with tourist products.

(VR) Expo

We want to keep tourist expos alive and support any tool that brings people together. Our goal is to add to the tools available and provide guidance on how to use them in the new digital environment. We bring together professionals in the field of tourism and create digital meet-ups focusing on a range of topics. Users can connect live with the businesses that interest them in an affordable way through our digital expos.

Online Contests

We like contests here at NeTourWork, especially contents in which everybody wins. These contests are part of our modern approach to professionals and audiences worldwide. We can create digital contests (digiCONTEST) for unique destinations and businesses by taking advantage of the modern digital tools (including virtual reality apps) at our disposal.

(VR) Schools

Here at NeTourWork, we support the experience of learning by creating educational seminars using our virtual reality and digital technologies. This is a versatile and affordable way in which our partners can come into contact with, and learn from, distinguished experts and specialized strains in the market.

Who we are

Our Goal

Our goal at NeTourWork is to bring together all the creative and productive forces at work in tourism, creating a base for communication across an ever-growing network that will serve to promote tourism globally.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an important communication tool and to turn the tourism sector into an interactive digital sphere based on personal relations between people on a global scale.

Our Principles​

Human connections over products and services. Successful communication and synergies. A collective passion for progress. Ongoing support for our partners’ strategic positioning.

Who do we target

Our network is targeted at over 70,000 tourism professionals across 30 countries and can thus offer a unique dynamic to our partners.


National Agencies, Destination Management Organizations, Local Government Bodies, Municipalities, Local Authorities

Tourism Agencies

Hotel Associations, Tourist Offices, Chambers of Commerce

Tourism Businesses

Hotels and Resorts, Tour Operators, OTAs, Travel Agents, Airlines, Cruises (inbound & outbound), Product Clubs

Join Professionals

NeTourWork is an online space where 70,000 professionals from 30 different countries around the world can come in contact. A brave new digiworld begins!