Virtual Conference: “COVID -19 & CLIMATE CHANGE: Knowledge, strategy and efficiency in the new era”

Netourwork provided high quality services and technical support for the 17th PANHELLENIC CONFERENCE Greek Inter-Municipal Network of Healthy Cities which was held on November 11&12 2021. The conference addressed issues such as the 6 basic policies of Healthy Cities for the 7th phase 2019-2025 (Copenhagen Mayors Pact) and 17 Sustainable Development Goals – Implementation in Healthy Cities and new policies of Healthy Cities. Moreover, they talked about the KEP Health Policy and programs were presented such as breast cancer awareness program, information and awareness for abdominal aortic aneurysm, prevention of Cervical Cancer, Prevention of Osteoporosis, etc, followed by awards of Municipalities with KEP Health and e-Health applications. After the conference they received the Certificate of Attendance of the Conference.

SPEAKERS: Ignatios Kaitezidis, Ioannis Fostiropoulos, Georgios-Stavros Tsirbas, Vassilios Mavridis, Ioannis Lolos, Theodoros Ambatzoglou and others.

You can view the online Conference video here: https://eddyppy.digitalevent.gr/