Get to know Peloponnesus

The open arms of the Peloponnesian peninsula stretch out into the emerald waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Men travel from the ends of the earth to acquaint themselves with this enchanting land. Peloponnesian products have contributed to the prestige and the charm it exercises on the hearts of travellers. A pilgrimage to the emblematic archaeological sites in Peloponnese, acquaintance with sustainable nature, contact with an authentic way of life and taking part in the feast of flavours in Peloponnesian culture are the dream of a lifetime.
Travellers arriving in Peloponnese have the chance to be initiated into a world of colours, flavours, aromas and age-old secrets. The endless continuation of Peloponnesian existence creates the feeling that the present-day traveller walks in the footsteps of gods, heroes and mystics. Ancient monuments enchantingly existing alongside vibrant reality and the ever-present tradition offer a unique blend of experiences.

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