A journey into History and the beauty of nature…

The Municipality of Sparta is located in the Prefecture of Laconia at the south-eastern section of the Peloponnese. Mt Taygetos with its towering peaks and wild beauty rises along its western side and the verdant Parnonas mountain range is in the east. The mythical Evrotas River flows between the mountains with the famous city of Sparta stretching along its bank; it is the Municipality’s headquarters and one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in Greece.

It is a place that will surprise you with its living history, the alternations in its landscape and its hospitable people. Step-by-step you will discover the glorious chapters in its History that vanish into the “mists of the legend” and enjoy unique experiences in a charming landscape of unparalleled natural beauty, which is ideal for sightseeing and exploring. Follow the footsteps of the legendary king Leonidas and the last Byzantine Emperor Konstantinos Palaiologos, on a perpetual journey through the pages of Greek history, with the monuments of ancient Sparta and the fortress city of Mystras in the background.

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