Central Macedonia

Region of Central Macedonia

The Region of Central Macedonia is the second largest Greek region, located in the central northern Greece, in the historical area of ancient Macedonia. It is the gate of Greece to Europe, connected with networks of transportation, communication and energy with international importance. Thessaloniki is the capital of the Region having a dynamic role as a metropolis of the Balkan region. Thessaloniki is a strong political, economic and industrial center in northern Greece. The commercial port of Thessaloniki is important for the development of the region. The “Makedonia” international airport is the second largest airport of Greece serving over 5 million passengers annually.

The diversity and high value environmental and cultural tourism resources of Central Macedonia, such as the high quality coasts and beaches especially in Halkidiki and Pieria, the mythical and historical mount Olympus and mount Athos, the Christian, Byzantine, newest and modern cultural heritage of Thessaloniki, the rich ecosystems of lakes and rivers, uplands and mountainous areas of natural beauty, the museums and archaeological sites of Dion – Vergina – Pella – Amphipolis, have set the Region of Central Macedonia amongst the most important tourism destinations in Europe and worldwide.

Region of Central Macedonia is the land where the legends and history the sun and the sea, the most beautiful Mediterranean coasts meet together inseparably. It is the place where Alexander the Great was born and educated by the greatest philosopher of all times, Aristotle.

It is the place where the cultures of the West and the East meet from the ancient times through via Egnatia, a connecting path of the legendary Silk Road.