Virtual Meeting: “North Aegean Islands meet Cyprus”

Netourwork provided high quality services and technical support for the “3d Digital Tourism Meeting Greece – Cyprus” organized by the Office of the Hellenic Tourism Organization (EOT), which was held on October 12 2021. The purpose of the 3th digital meeting of the Office of the Hellenic Tourism Organization (EOT) of Cyprus is:
• The presentation of the North Aegean Island in the Cypriot Market.
• The acquaintance of the offered product North Aegean – Cyprus.
• The presentation of empirical – experiential products of the North Aegean.
• The creation of common tourist – empirical routes between the two destinations.

PARTICIPANTS: Petros Saganas (Head of EOT Cyprus Office), Ageliki Polutaki, Vasiliki Rodopoulou, Maria Kova, Grammatiki Drini and Elena Tanou.

You can view the online Conference video here!