Traditional Dances

Kalamata is known for its traditional dance called “Kalamatianos”, a dance that has its roots to ancient times, popular and well-known all over Greece. It was born and danced in Messenia.

“Syrtos” (to drag) is another popular folk dance dragged. Artistic representations and frescoes confirm that the roots of the dance are ancient while today it is danced in Messenia during ceremonies and fiestas connecting past to present.

Kalamata silk scarves

Kalamata is renowned for its famous silk scarves known to be among the finest in the world. Their production started back at 1796, in the Monastery Kalograion. Sericulture is highly developed in Kalamata as it is one of the most active silk producer cities in Greece. The famous scarves are created in the loom. Visitors can go to the Monastery, watch the weaving prosses and interact with the nuns who are always willing to demonstrate them how the shuttle passes, and the individual threads are woven. The final product is a scarf of high quality, that embodies the traditional Messenian aesthetics, while connecting history, culture, and trade.