• It is located in the eastern Aegean and at the same time in the eastern Ikarian Sea. A verdant island that combines mountain and sea, offers prime infrastructure for marinas and a unique variety of vegetation.
  • It has about 32,974 inhabitants.
  • Famous for the sweet muscat wine it produces and the magnificent beaches, such as Tsamadou, Potami, Kokkari, Megalo and Mikro Seitani, where lush green vegetation meets the blue sea.
  • Birthplace of the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, the philosopher Epicurus, and the astronomer Aristarchus who reportedly presented the first known heliocentric map.
  • An island with remarkable archaeological heritage, as it is home to Heraion, the temple dedicated to the Greek goddess of marriage and women, Hera, which along with the wider archaeological site of Pythagoreion is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • A place that attracts religious tourism, because of its many wonderful monasteries.
  • An ideal destination for sports tourism and outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, horse riding, surfing and diving.
  • Worth visiting settlements of the island are Vathi, Karlovassi, Kallithea, Marathokampos and Manolates to name a few.