• The capital of the island, Mytilini, is the administration center of the North Aegean Region and significant commercial and intellectual center with population of around 27,545 people.
  • An island full of colors and contrasts, with endless olive groves, forests of pine, oak, chestnut trees and rare flora. The volcanic landscape to the west and the famous “Petrified Forest” in the area of Sigri are some of the strongest points of the island.
  • The wetlands in the Gulf of Kalloni are home to rare and protected bird species. The area is a popular tourist attraction for birdwatchers.
  • With beautiful sandy and pebbly beaches, it covers every taste. Some of them are Vatera, Petra, Anaxos, Eressos, Agios Isidoros.
  • The island is famous for its excellent olive oil quality, having gained a significant market share in the overseas export sector, as well as for its aromatic ouzo that matches perfectly the local meze dishes.
  • The Monastery of Taxiarchis in Mantamados is one of the main pilgrimages of the island and attracts many visitors.
  • Some of the most important settlements of the island are the picturesque Molyvos perched around its castle, the seaside village Plomari known for the ouzo produced there and the beautiful mountainous settlement of Agiassos.