• Limnos is the eighth biggest island of Greece with surface of 476km2.
  • It is located in the northern Aegean Sea overlooking the Thracian Sea between Mount Athos, Samothrace, Imvros and Lesvos. Along with Agios Efstratios, they constitute the Regional Unit of Limnos.
  • The name Limnos is of ancient origin as it has been cited by Homer. It probably derives from the Homeric word Λήιον (Liion), which means sown field.
  • The capital and main port of Limnos is Myrina, named after the wife of the first king of the island, Thoas.
  • The island presents strong historical and archaeological interest, provided that during excavations, a large prehistoric settlement was discovered at Poliochni, which is considered the oldest European city with an early form of social and urban organization.
  • The island has over 100 stunning beaches, with golden sand and crystal-clear waters, such as Thanos, Platy, Keros, Gomati.
  • The island’s unique feature is its volcanic landscape, the impressive sand dunes and the geological formations in the area of Falakra.
  • An ideal destination for outdoor activities and water sports mainly wind and kite surfing.
  • As for gastronomy, the island has plenty to offer to please the palate with a remarkable tradition of cheese making as well as high quality cereals. The connoisseurs of wine should definitely try wine tasting since the island has been famous for its wines since the ancient times.
  • Some of its beautiful villages are Kontias, Kaspakas, Portianou, Tsimandria