Gastronomy / Local Products

  • The islands of the North Aegean are famous for their culinary delights, as there is wide variety of local products.
  • The products are processed, packaged and distributed both in the Greek and in international markets and are renowned for their high quality and taste.
  • Some of these products are Lesvos’ olive oil and ouzo, Samos’ wine and olive oil, Chios’ mastic and citrus fruits, Ikaria’s wine, Limnos’ cereals and wine.
  • Every year, the islands host gastronomy festivals featuring local products. Gastronomic tours and cooking lessons are also organised.
  • The North Aegean basket of local products includes:

8 Products with Protected Designation of Origin
– Olives: Throumpa of Chios
– Cheese: Kalathaki of Limnos, Ladotyri of Mytilini, Kaseri, Feta
– Gums and resins: Chios Chewing Gum and Chios Mastic (Mastiha)
– Essential oils: Chios Mastic Oil
3 Products with Protected Geographical Indication
– olive oil of Lesvos or Mytilini and olive oil of Samos
– Tangerine of Chios

Chios mastic (mastiha) is a unique product which is produced nowhere else in the world. The villages of Mastiha (Mastihohoria) present great cultural interest and attract many visitors.