Cultural & Religious Tourism World Heritage with International Impact!

The islands of the North Aegean are where western civilization flourished, emphasizing all those cultural elements inherited from classical antiquity. Destinations with long and rich history that showcase authentic traditional cultural elements.

  • The islands of the North Aegean have rich cultural heritage with monuments of international impact.
  • Modern visitors interested in culture and education can visit:
    22 important Archaeological sites (2 of which recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Pythagoreion and Heraion on Samos)
    13 major Byzantine monuments (1 of which recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Monastery Nea Moni on Chios)
    8 modern monuments of major importance

The small cultural centers of many villages are the means to achieve the most meaningful connection and communication of cultural potential and the emergence of modern artistic creation.

Additionally, many art festivals and cultural events are organized on the islands mostly during the summer months, some of which of international interest, such as the Molyvos International Music Festival on Lesvos, Ireon Music Festival on Samos and Chios Music Festival on Chios.