• The famous “mastic island” has become a worldwide commercial phenomenon since many years.
  • It is the fifth biggest island of Greece with surface of 842km2 and coastline of 213km.
  • Its population exceeds 51,320 people.
  • The island comprises 64 villages, with the most famous being the medieval Mastichohoria Mesta and Pyrgi in southern Chios. These villages are deservedly one of the main tourist attractions. In the same category belongs the settlement Kampos, a suburb of Chios town, that stands out for the amazing, traditional mansions and the fragrant lemon trees. The medieval villages of Chios as well as Kampos are protected by the Ministry of Culture.
  • Great local products like mastic, olive oil, figs, wine.
  • Long maritime tradition. Chios shipowners and seafarers rank top in global commercial shipping.
  • Beautiful, unique beaches with deep clear blue waters, such as “Mavra Volia”, the volcanic black-pebble beach that is a trademark of the island.
  • Alternative tourism. Exploring nature for hiking enthusiasts. The caves of Agio Galas and Olympoi are two sights tourists will never forget.
  • Gastronomy is also an integral part of the island, having gained loyal followers among both Greek and foreign tourists.
  • The monastery Nea Moni, standing glorious since the 11th century, has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.