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More than two thousand small and large islands adorn Greece, making up our country’s archipelago, like invaluable lily pads resting on the sea. The northeast edge of the Aegean is dominated by the islands of Limnos, Agios Efstratios, Lesvos, Psara, Chios, Oinousses, Samos, Ikaria, Fournoi & Thymaina. Singular islands, with history’s marks still easily discernible, they are living organisms of multifaceted cultural activity and expression, with popular events and traditions, performing and visual art forms, local products and practices, and architectural styles.

Photo: P. Tsakmakis

The unique natural environment and variety of scenery make the islands of the N. Aegean stand out and lead visitors to trails for exploration and recreation. Wetlands with rare flora and fauna, salt marshes, waterfalls, dense forests of pine, walnut, oak, olive groves, mastic trees are just a few of the things to be enjoyed on the islands. The islands of the North Aegean, so very different from one another, like the pebbles on a beach, have something that brings them together and yet makes them stand out. They have managed to maintain their local culture and natural environment, offering visitors unique images, flavours and scents of times past.

Photo: V. Protopappas

“Anemoessa” Limnos of the rocks and Poliochne – the most ancient organized city in Europe – crowned with its vineyards and its islands, almost untouched by time. Agios Efstratios, “the green island”, its untamed locals bearing the genuine borderland stoutness known to few. Lesvos, a multicoloured cultural canvas, harmoniously combining inherent contrasts of natural beauty. Indomitable Psara, with the flag of the revolution still flying in the harbour.

Photo: N. Hatziiakovou

Fragrant Chios, a theatre where powerful civilizations met, with the characteristic aroma of citrus and mastic trees. The small island complex of Oinousses, the base of the most active ship owners in the history of Greek shipping. “Pythagorean” Samos, the centre of Ionian civilization, with its natural beauty and aromatic wine. Ikaria of longevity, with its fierce beauty and the admirable quality of its people to draw visitors into a merry and relaxed pace. Fournoi & Thymaina, a journey of the senses to times past and flavours forgotten

Islands of the North Aegean: explore them all!

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