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Are you a tourism professional seeking specialized postgraduate scientific knowledge in your field?

Would you like to gain knowledge that will give you a comparative advantage in the professional arena?

Get to know one of the new dynamic distance learning postgraduate programs in Tourism.

Attend this webinar and learn more about the new distance learning MBA in Tourism of the Neapolis University Pafos.



The Distance Learning MBA in Tourism of the Neapolis University Pafos in a nutshell

For the first time at Neapolis University Pafos a Distance MBA in Tourism will be offered, which was recently accredited by the Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus.

The distance program MBA in Tourism of Neapolis University Pafos provides students with a comprehensive and integrated approach to the discipline of tourism and the critical sector of tourism in general. The MBA in Tourism follows a modern approach to providing the necessary knowledge for the understanding of tourism as a social and economic phenomenon. 

This program does not require the physical presence of its students. Teaching is carried out via Neapolis University’s modern, digital and interactive platform.

Why shall I attend this webinar?

You will get to know

more about the new distance learning MBA in Tourism of the Neapolis University Pafos

The moderator

will lay out the program curriculum

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on how to participate and register

You will learn

about the new financial offers

Why shall I do this distance learning MBA in Tourism?

To emphasize the importance of management within the development tourism and
hospitality organization.

To develop the ability to define and analyze the management problems dealt with by modern globalized tourism environment.
To understand analytical concepts and techniques relevant for management decision making, with an emphasis on creating, capturing, and sustaining value.
Highlight the importance of simplicity and integration of management theory, practice and tourist perception, as found in academia and the hospitality industry, in tourism business development and management.