Modern Sparta is the capital of the Laconia Prefecture and one of the most beautiful cities in Greece in terms of town planning. It has been constructed to the south of the ancient city, according to the plans drawn up by the famous German architect Friedrich Stauffert, who imaginantively designed the new city in 1834 at the command of King Otto, which still preserves the glory and majesty of its significant history.
Neoclassical buildings, avenues, town squares, footpaths and green spaces, interesting museums and remarkable archaeological sites adorn Sparta, which create a pleasant feeling for visitors.

The central Konstantinos Palaiologos Avenue, with its large palm trees, leads to the centre of the city where the main town square stands out with their impressive Municipal neoclassical buildings, which have been designed by the architect G. Katsaros. Copies of two well-known ancient Spartan mosaics dominate the centre of the town square, the rape of Europa and Orpheus with a lyre, as well as the bronze statue of the dying Spartan warrior.

The town square is surrounded by cafeterias, restaurants and pastry shops, whilst the characteristic arches of the surrounding streets conceal many commercial stores.
At the end of Palaiologos Avenue, in front of the Municipal Stadium, is the Spartan trademark that invokes awe and admiration: The magnificent and imposing statue of King Leonidas, which was sculpted by Vasos Phalireas in 1969 and is perhaps the most photographed city site.
The connection to the past is ever present, since there are many significant sites worth visiting in and around Sparta.


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